peterWelcome to PDO Electrical Services of San Mateo. My name is Peter and I am Sole owner of PDO Electrical Services of San Mateo. I am Licensed and insured, My license number is 987182

I Always make it a point to show up on time and follow the job through to completion. I pay special attention to customers needs and making every effort to meet those needs.

During the quoting process the job is thoroughly thought out before hand, visualizing every step of the job and making note of the time involved. Attention is given to the amount of materials used and the cost of the materials. To minimize the inconvenience to homeowners I always work quickly not wasting any time by doing things that are not related to the task at hand. I always make sure that I meet their time schedule and will go out of my way to meet the client in a convenient location.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
I bring integrity to my business by approaching and dealing with a client in an honest and straight forward fashion. I give each client more than what they are asking for and insure that the job is done in a complete manner. To improve my business I plan to get continued business training as well as continued technical training as my field evolves and I as a person evolve.

I have gone through an electrical apprenticeship in the beginning of my career which included quite a bit of classroom study of electrical theory. We were faced with many problems and situations that required a creative solution which combined our theoretical training and hands on experience. I do mostly residential remodel work and light commercial work. One of my strong points is my ability to run wire through finished walls with precision, accuracy, and with minimal invasiveness to the existing walls which I then patch to close original condition

services“No Job is too small”

  • Entire Home Re-wring
  • Electrical Panel Install
  • Circuit Breakers
  • LED light fixtures
  • Power outlets
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Bathroom Fans
  • Door Bell Systems
  • Motion Lights
  • Trouble Shooting,
  • New circuits Install
  • Alterations
  • Ethernet Cabling
  • Coaxial Cabling
  • Phone Line
  • Home Theater Install

Why PDO Electrical Services?

My customers like me because I show up on time, I am a very good listener and am very attentive to their needs. I exercise respect for the customers home and surroundings and ensure a safe and comfortable experience. When working inside the home I use drop cloths and protect any furnishings and once the work is complete I put everything back just the way it was. I was told that I do very clean work, this is the result of paying very close attention to detail. I would like to provide the best service for you so why don’t you give me a try!

Contact me today for more information or/and to schedule an estimate at (650) 619-8141

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